• Myelin 12

Stock Image: 2167



3D animated image of a neuron highlighted and background faded. With its dendrites, soma, axon, and myelin sheath damage close up caused by scarring and inflammation from MS or multiple sclerosis

Tags: 1280x720, 3d, 3dme, 3dme creative studio, 720p, animated, animation, axon, background, box, brain, cell, close, damage, damaging, degeneration, dendrite, fade, hd, high definition, image, in, inflamed, inflammation, mind, ms, multiple, myelin, nerve, nerves, nervous, neuron, neurone, neurones, neurons, neurotransmitter, nodes, of, out, point, pointed, post-synaptic, pre-synaptic, ranvier, scar, scarring, schwann, sclerosis, sheath, soma, still, synapse, synaptic, system, think, thought, up, zoom,

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