Product Licenses


This is a general description of the purchase terms for 3Dme products. If you are unsure which category matches your purchase requirements, please refer to the Terms of Use or Contact Us.

Standard License

This license is for an individual person, such as a teacher or educator; or a teaching institution, such as a school or university. You have a right to use, modify or reproduce stock images or stock footage by incorporating them into an advertisement, multimedia presentation, live performance and/or internet website and displaying and/or distributing that work to the public by any means. The work you produce from any content purchased from this site, the 3Dme Store, must be used for yourself, your direct employer, client, or customer, who must be the end user of your work. Purchases downloaded cannot be used for re-sale or commercialisation in any form. For example, you cannot purchase content for printing and sale of books, mugs and t-shirts or digital re-sale in any form.


Enhanced License

This is a commercial license for businesses and teaching entities or institutions whose intention is to use 3Dme content purchased and downloaded from this site to create a saleable output which is of commercial value. This includes manipulating or reproducing images and/or footage by incorporating them into any form of output for which your organisation gains a commercial benefit. Unless your organisation enters into a subscription agreement or an exclusive agreement put forth by 3Dme and based on your intention of use, you may not download, distribute, display, reproduce and/or copy any content. Contact Us directly for pricing customised to match your intention of use.