• Body 7

Stock Footage: 194



3D video involving half a clockwise rotation of human man anatomical model with yellow glow showing full body skeleton, nerves and increasing number of coloured lines moving against black background

Tags: 1080p, 1920x1080, 3d, 3dme, 3dme creative studio, anatomical, anatomy, appendicular, axial, background, black, body, bones, clockwise, color, colorful, colour, colourful, core, figure, form, frame, full body, glow, hd, health, healthcare, high definition, human, human biology, individual, internal, joints, limbs, lines, male, man, medical, medicine, model, nerve, nerves, person, rotate, rotation, science, semi, skeletal, skeletal system, skeleton, skin, structural, structure, systemic, torso, transparent, trunk, waves,

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