• Male Crowd (with text)

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Slow rotating pan of the upper torso of a blue coloured male with a transparent head revealing the brain with other men standing in the background accompanied by the words "Drugs and Depression"

Tags: 1280x720, 3d, 3dme, 3dme creative studio, 3dmecreativestudio, 720p, anatomical, anatomy, background, blue, body, brain, color, colorful, colour, colourful, condition, crowd, dark, depression, disease, drug, drugs, frontal, gloomy, gyri, gyrus, hd, healthy, high definition, inside, internal, issue, life, lobe, look, male, medical, mental, occipital, other, others, pan, panning, parietal, position, prevalent, sad, serious, standing, structure, sulci, sulcus, temporal, text, transparent, upper torso,

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