• Male Closeup Upper Body

Stock Footage: 1293



closeup of a human male on left side of the clip with transparent skin showing the eyes, cardiovascular system, throat, heart and lungs with yellow particles spreading out from the chest with animated radar in a black background

Tags: 1080p, 1920x1080, 3d, 3dme, 3dme creative studio, anatomy, anterior, arteries, blood, blood vessel, body, breathe, cardio, closeup, cortisol, data, diabetes, diabetic, endocrine, eyes, face, front, glucose, hd, head, heart, high definition, hormone, human, information, insulin, iris, lung, lungs, male, medical, molecule, movement, nerve, nerves, optic, optical, organs, other, particle, physiology, pupil, radar, release, respiration, respiratory, ribcage, skeleton, skull, sparkles, stress, transparent, upper, upper body, view, zoom,

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