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Antero-lateral view of 3D male medical anatomical model torso from chest up to head, staring upwards, with red and grey light highlights radiating from the body into dark background with shadows.

Tags: 1280x720, 3d, 3dme, 3dme creative studio, 720p, anatomy, anatomy model, anterior, anterol-lateral, background, biology, blue, body, cgi, chest, crystal meth, dark, darkness, disease, expression, eyes, face, features, glow, grey, hd, health, healthcare, heed, high definition, human, ice, iris, lateral, life, light, looking, male, man, medical, medicine, methamphetamine, model, opaque, other, pain, painful, person, pupil, red, sad, sadness, science, shadows, sight, staring, , system, thinking, thought, torso, translucent, transparent, visualisation , visualization,

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